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Beyond the gate video

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Beyond the Gate


This video give the public and good understanding to what customer can expect from McBride’s RV Storage. This great overview will show you how the RV Parking facility is designed and just how easy it is to use. Included in the video, there are interviews with customers that explain what they enjoy about the vehicle storage. Some of these testimonials are customers who use this boat storage facility for more than just boats, RV’s or trailers. Some tell their stories about how they enjoy using the facility for their commercial vehicle storage needs. These types of customer’s store commercial vehicles like large trucks, autos, and fleet vehicles such as work trucks. You will also get to see how our 24 hour gate access works as well some of the best security features that customers enjoy.

Air Show

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Every year since the RV parking facility opened, McBride’s has held an annual tailgate party for all its customers to enjoy Chino’s finest air show. This air show has wonderful vintage airplanes, stunt planes and some of the most powerful and modern jet fighting planes. This tailgate party was designed so that all of McBride’s RV storage customers could come together, enjoy each other’s company, make new friends, and get feedback from our customers. Customers bring their entire family, friends and neighbors to the party making it a special occasion and very fun event. Some customers enjoy bring their RV’s out to camp for the weekend while others just bring a barbecue and their favorite foods to eat. Many of our customers relate to why they enjoy being part of the McBride family of RV storage customers.

RV Storage Amenities

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This Video highlights all the amenities that only McBride’s RV storage customers are privileged to use. These on-site amenities save customers many and time. The amenities are a huge reason why McBride’s stand above all other storage facility. No other RV storage competitors offer the same quality and type of amenities that McBride’s RV customers come to expect and enjoy. This takes the vehicle storage industry to a whole other level. All RV owners will agree that these amenities create value that you just don’t get with other RV and Boat storage facilities.


What Customers Say


Our Family has store with the McBride?s since the day they opened. We have been treated like family, were they care about what you think. Over the years we have seen more and more improvements thought the facility that reinforces our best decision to store with McBride?s. John, Corona CA

By far, the best vehicle storage facility and the best prices for everything that you get at McBride?s Sally, Eastvale CA We offered to say nice things in the video because McBride?s boat storage is so much better than anything else we have ever used. Kalief, Chino Hills, CA

Our family appreciated the effort that McBride?s goes through to put on the air show party. Our kids love going every year, and we always meet new people that share our same interest in camping as our family loves to do. Thanks for everything. Cintha & family, Inland Empire I find that you guys are far more than just an RV storage company. You guys are like family to us. Thanks for the tailgate party every year. Bobby, Pomona CA

After switching to your trailer parking facility and using your amenities, I can?t understand how I ever did without them. I find that I save money and time by using them. I?m sure our family saves over a hundred dollars a month just using the amenities each time we are there. Trayvon, Irvine CA

I convinced two of my neighbors to move their RV?s to your parking facility. After explaining all the amenities, 24 hour access and how low the storage rates are, they agreed with me and moved their motorhome and boat over to your vehicle storage facility. Joe, Orange County CA

We love the front office girls. Both Julia and Frances are sweethearts and treat us with love and respect. Whenever I call they always are polite and helpful with any issues or concerns that I had. I think your professional staff really makes my storage experience exceptional. Paula, Riverside CA