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RV Service & Repair

RV Repair

Commerical Vehicles

Commerical Storage

McBride’s RV Storage covers 17 acres and is large enough to accommodate large fleets of vehicles. This is perfect for the small to mid-sized companies managing fleets of work vehicles, vans, trucks, limousines and busses.

The 24 hour access availability with individually programmed access for each driver creates an ideal solution for companies that require around the clock access. It also creates a workable solution for logistic companies that need secure overnight parking for driver transfers or short or long term vehicle storage. Wide driveways and turning radiuses make loading car haulers, towing or maneuvering tractor trailers practical and time saving.

The onsite professional wash bay makes it easy and fast to keep your company vehicles clean and Commercial vehicle storagepresentable each time they are taken out. Unlimited use of the wash bay and other onsite amenities are included in the monthly rate.

Bulk Space


Discounted pricing is available for companies seeking bulk space for their storage and parking needs. Consecutive spaces can be arranged to create your own section of the facility. Please call for free consultation to obtain availability and pricing.