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Ice Station

Want convenience?


McBride’s customers enjoy the ice station where they can help themselves to free bags of ice.? The ice station is located in the amenities area under covered canopies. The station includes two large ice machines, along with two large ice storage boxes where a surplus of ice is available for even the busiest of weekends. The water used for the ice machines is cleaned and purified through a reverse osmosis process that assure customers the highest quality of water their crystal clear purified ice.

Ice for camping

The ice station saves customers time and money that customers would otherwise have to pay for themselves.? This would eliminate an additional stop to purchase the ice on their way out on their trips. The convenience of having the ice available means you can enjoy more of your time scheduled for traveling and less time preparing your RV. Customers appreciate the free ice and realize the value of having it available, icing down sodas, beer and other perishables in an ice chest or simply taking a bag for the freezer, knowing that the freezer takes time to make ice.

The ice station is a real money saver!

What Customers Say


We save at least $80.00 every time we go to Glamis. We used to stop at the store and buy 10 bags of ice at $7.99 to fill up our two large ice chest.? That $80.00 I would have spent, I look at it as if I’m getting $80.00 off my rent.? That’s a huge saving!!?? Ronald,? Norco CA

We love the ice? saves a stop on the road while on our way out. Save us some money also? Jackie, Orange County

The ice was a great feature?. We had the best margarita’s with your free ice!!!? Candi,? Pomona CA

I like that there’s always some ice available whenever we want it.? Joe,? Ontario CA

We raided the ice machine one day because we were having a party at the house.? Good thing? you guys keep a lot available.? David,? Mira Loma CA

We love our beers cold! We give you two thumbs up for the free ice.? Thanks and good Job!?? Dewayne,? Corona CA

OMG! The ice is awesome! We take some every time we go out.? Ice is getting expensive ya know!? Rosa,? Orange County