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RV wash bayOne of the free amenities for our customers includes a custom designed RV wash bay area. The bay wash area is a covered, extra spacious pull-through with two high pressure spraying wands on each side of the vehicle. The washing equipment is professional grade that includes several washing settings that spray the best quality foaming soap, liquid wax sealer, and ionized spot free rinse that eliminates the need to towel dry your vehicle. The wash bay is also equipped with scrubbing brushes connected to telescoping handles and squeegees to finish the windows. All of these features assure that your vehicle will be cleaned thoroughly, not simply a rinse off with a garden hose.

wash your RVThe wash bay includes 4 feet high catwalks on each side making it easy and safe to wash those high, hard to reach places on your vehicle. In addition, the wash bay is well lighted for after hour night time use. Customer enjoy using the washing facilities for their stored RV vehicle, but also take advantage of wash bay by washing their trucks, tow vehicles, toys and personal cars when they visit the facility. Customers who use this amenity save lots of time and more importantly money each and every time they use it.



What Customers Say


We used to pay $200.00 to have our motorhome detailed before our planned trips, because I did not have the time to prepare the motorhome and detail it myself. Now it's so easy .... Plus we wash it again when we return home before we park it. The $200 I saved each time, more than paid for my rent! got a great thing going on over there. Joe, Corona CA

I find it surprisingly simply and easy to use. We washed the trailer and truck together and took only 15 minutes. The soap works great for that hard to remove greasy road grime at the bottom of the trailer. Thanks for the wash. George, Norco CA

The wax/sealer works wonders! Our motorhome has stayed looking showroom new. Sam, Riverside CA

.... can't believe that we used to store at a place that did not have the wash bay that you guys have. We couldn't imagine not having the wash bay now that we use it all the time. Michelle, Brea CA

We spend more time on our weekend getaways and less time prepping the RV for the trips, now we are more likely to go more because it's less of a hassle to prepare and clean it up. Thanks! Cindy, Orange County

Free .... I couldn't believe it .... We save so much money. If I had to pay for one of the coin operated washing places it would cost us a fortune! Tom, Pomona CA

The wash station is my favorite. We find that we are washing one of our vehicles all the time. Bobby, Upland CA

Every RV storage should copy your wash bay facility ... or maybe not .... the wash station does make you stand out from all your competitors. Jeremy, Anaheim CA

I think you guys understand what RVer's really need in an RV storage facility .... Wash bay was brilliant idea that makes sense because it saves so much time and no doubt money also. Dylan, Yorba Linda CA